The Australian ABC network have conducted a national survey in July 2019 with 54,970 people from all over the country. The survey invited them to share their feelings and thoughts and answer questions about their attitudes, behaviours and experiences.

Their aim was to an insight into Australian’s everyday life, and to help people understand where they fit in today’s Australia. The project was developed in collaboration with Vox Pop Labs, a panel of local academics and the University of Melbourne as an academic partner.

They are now encouraging the general public to become involved by answering a sample of the survey questions. This is an opportunity for all Australians including our seniors and marginalised communities to express their opinions. The survey’s interactive online tool will then deliver the personalised results, so users can understand how their responses compare with other Australians.

The survey results have been weighted by a number of factors; age, sex, education, language, geography and vote choice in the 2019 election to ensure an across the nation representative sample of the population.

The ABC network will be using the survey data to conduct further discussions about the topics that matter to us as a nation. This will conclude with a live TV show on November 18th which will use the National Survey data to show a profile of Australia in 2019.

If you would like to join in the Australia Talks project, visit Australia Talks Survey