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What does a ‘good death’ mean for you?


What does a ‘good death’ mean for you? A 2021 systematic review in the Lancet researched the conditions for a ‘good death’ from the perspectives of patients, families, friends, and doctors. They established 11 conditions for a death to be considered as good: 1)     Relief from physical pain and other physical symptoms, viewed as a hallmark [...]

What does a ‘good death’ mean for you?2024-03-30T17:23:42+10:00

Passionate World Talk Radio – Chat with Betsy


Betsy Wurzel’s guest on Chatting with Betsy is Jolene Hill, creator of Your Life Talks. Jolene Hill is providing an amazing app “Your life talks” which is available on Apple Store, Google Play Store, or This app will be a great way to start a conversation about your loved one’s life history and their [...]

Passionate World Talk Radio – Chat with Betsy2020-12-20T13:44:52+10:00

Polish Community Council VIC – Volunteer Training


One of our Melbourne based Workshop Facilitators, Julie Cowley, has just completed two days of training for 37 Polish speaking Volunteers as ‘Life Story’ autobiographers using our resources. Read more here: Everyone has a story to tell: A Victorian Polish Palliative Care Approach. The Polish Community Council of Victoria have professionally trained staff and volunteers [...]

Polish Community Council VIC – Volunteer Training2020-03-07T11:54:46+10:00

Interview with Nicole Christina from Zestful Aging


Jolene Hill wants to encourage families to have meaningful conversations about what really matters in life. Her campaign 'Life's let's talk' is designed to recognize our intrinsic need to remember and celebrate our life and achievements and talk about our wishes for our future. She is passionate about the importance of creating a record [...]

Interview with Nicole Christina from Zestful Aging2019-10-29T18:35:18+10:00

Australia Talks – Have You Joined In?


The Australian ABC network have conducted a national survey in July 2019 with 54,970 people from all over the country. The survey invited them to share their feelings and thoughts and answer questions about their attitudes, behaviours and experiences. Their aim was to an insight into Australian’s everyday life, and to help people understand where [...]

Australia Talks – Have You Joined In?2019-10-10T16:08:02+10:00

Make Your Choices Known


If you were suddenly injured in an accident or became seriously ill, who would know your choices in health care? If you have strong beliefs about what you want to happen in your future, it is vitally important to make your choices known now. No matter what age, we should all make our wishes know [...]

Make Your Choices Known2019-07-22T14:44:08+10:00

Life Story Telling


Sharing your life story encourages families to have conversations about life and what matters most. The power of telling your own story cannot be overestimated. A great story resonates with us emotionally and can be treasured by the family as a keepsake, for years to come. There are the important events that shape our lives [...]

Life Story Telling2019-06-20T10:07:24+10:00

Dame Cicely Saunders – Pioneer of the Modern Hospice Movement


“The way we die lives on in the memory of those who survive”. This quote is from Dame Cicely Saunders (1918-2005), founder of the modern hospice movement. Hospice care is a philosophy of care that focuses on the palliation of a terminally ill patient's symptoms & pain, and attends to their emotional and spiritual needs. [...]

Dame Cicely Saunders – Pioneer of the Modern Hospice Movement2018-09-25T17:00:02+10:00

AMA advise to Plan Ahead For End Of Life Care


Australian Medical Association President, Dr Michael Gannon, stated on 20th May 2018, “All Australians should consider planning for their end of life care, so that their families and doctors know their wishes. Australians need to plan ahead for their end of life care and discuss it with their loved ones and health professionals”. When [...]

AMA advise to Plan Ahead For End Of Life Care2018-09-11T13:57:20+10:00

Death Doulas – A Guide at the End of Life


The role of a death doula, (or end of life doula), has been gaining a lot of interest in the past few years. So what exactly is a death doula? The term doula has been around for centuries. In ancient Greece, it was used to describe both a household servant and a woman who serves.  They [...]

Death Doulas – A Guide at the End of Life2017-07-04T13:34:37+10:00


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