Become an Affiliate of Your Life Talks

We will offer you up to 50% commission

Affiliates of Your Life Talks who introduce us to organizations/businesses that place orders for our ‘self-branding’ option, receive up to 50% commission on every order.

Also, our resources have been translated in a ‘culturally sensitive’ manner into Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish & Polish, so we can ‘customize’ the branding on these multicultural resources as well.

Every time organizations place an order with us, affiliates will obtain their commission, as follows;

20% for the first 1-10 new sign-ons

25% for the next 11-20 new sign-ons

30% for the next 21-30 new sign-ons….etc up to 50% commission, if you stay committed to the process with us and keep introducing us to new sign-ons. There are no formal contracts or time-frames involved for Affiliates.

The above commissions also apply to retail outlets…ie if a retailer/outlet wants to sell YourLifeTalks branded card decks from their shop or service center, the same deal applies.

We are reaching out to Age Care Consultants, Counsellors, Gerontologists, Recreational Therapists, Doulas etc, as well as Wills & Estate Lawyers/Planners, Financial Advisors, Retirement specialists, Funeral Homes etc, as well as similar multicultural agencies that require our translated resources.

Please contact us directly to find out more either via the enquiry form below or by emailing [email protected]