Advance Care Planning Program

Staff Training

‘Your Life Talks’ can provide training in Advance Care Planning for your staff & volunteers.

From a service delivery point of view, there is a lot to consider before initiating a program – how to structure a program, recruitment selection and retention, processes, training, policy issues, supervision, managing risks, technology requirements and publishing.

We have a step-by-step Training Guide and a Benefits PowerPoint Presentation (English Version Only) to assist organizations with setting up a program, utilizing our two sets of Conversation Starter Cards and Questionnaire, all of which can be purchased from our online SHOP.

We also offer 2 hours of free consultation to assist with starting your program, plus further ongoing support as required.

Advance Care Planning

Medical, Health & Aged Care professionals should be a support and resource to people embarking upon Advance Care Planning.

They should encourage Advance Care Planning not only for residents in aged care or people who are facing a life limiting condition, but also for younger adults as they transition through major life changing stages. ACP conversations should be held before a health care crisis or major accident occurs so that the person has time to consider his or her choices and discuss their treatment and accommodation preferences with their loved ones.

The health care professionals role is to help the person work through feelings and values so that, if a time comes when the individual is incapacitated and is unable to make health care decisions, there will be a record of that person’s preferences. The discussions should include how to prepare, what to talk about and what to be informed about. (Our sister website provides a good starting point for further research at ‘Put Your Affairs in Order‘).

Please also see our ‘Future Aging Plan’ Infographic below, as it encompasses questions beyond the standard ACP criteria. Also included are important topics such as seniors’ accommodation choices, home & respite care, funeral & memorialisation preferences etc.

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