Marketing Aged Care Is Complex

Aged care providers are marketing their services throughout different phases of people’s lives.

There’s been increased activity in raising awareness within the seniors’ demographic, of the need to carefully research the retirement, aged care and home care marketplace before engaging with providers.

Seniors may be researching on behalf of their elderly parents, or planning for their own entry into this market. Additionally, this demographic is now being faced with exploring their own end-of-life preferences, and having those sometimes difficult conversations about how and what events they should plan for as they age.

People want to be able to trust everyone who works with them in the aged care profession and it is very important that the organisation looks professional and at the same time communicates their values.

Organisations in the aged care sector are now creating, changing and shifting marketing strategy and resources, to focus more on their consumers’ expectations.

Embracing Lifestyle Activities

Aged care providers are thinking creatively about the services they offer in preparation for increased market contestability.

Providers need to create the desire for people to want to live in their residential home or use their home care services.Their audience has changed significantly, and as such, they are not looking for ‘old’ but rather fresh and rejuvenating activities.

‘Your Life Talks’ have created Conversation Starter Cards & Journals designed to promote each client’s emotional, spiritual and psychological well-being.
We have been diligent in ensuring they are ‘culturally’ appropriate and sensitive to promote dignity and respect towards the seniors in our community.

The ‘Your Life Story’ cards are an innovative tool to assist with a Biography program for your residents and home care clients, and the ‘Your Life Wishes’ cards re-affirm the importance of personal decision making for a resident’s Advance Care Planning. We can offer a ‘Staff Training Package’ to get you started.

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Benefits For Everyone

Life Story telling gives the participant the opportunity to find their voice and re-affirm their values. It can result in them reconciling past issues and strengthening their sense of purpose. They will also be leaving a legacy for future generations.

The biographer will find it an enriching experience that leads to a closer friendship. They will benefit from listening to interesting stories and develop new skills.

The organisation will be making a valuable contribution to both their resident’s well-being and staff satisfaction, as well as providing a meaningful lifestyle activity.

The custom branded cards and journals become a very cost effective, long-term marketing tool for your organisation, raising your profile in your local community. And as part of our custom branding, we can create a card to highlight important aspects of your services.

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