Biography Program

Staff Training

‘Your Life Talks’ can provide training in Autobiographical Storytelling for your staff & volunteers.

From a service delivery point of view, there is a lot to consider before initiating a these programs – how to structure a program, recruitment selection and retention, processes, training, policy issues, supervision, managing risks, technology requirements and publishing.

We have a step-by-step Training Guide and a Benefits PowerPoint Presentation (English Version Only) to assist organizations with setting up these programs, utilizing our two sets of Conversation Starter Cards and Questionnaires, all of which can be purchased from our online SHOP.

We also offer 2 hours of free consultation to assist with starting your program, plus further ongoing support as required.

Autobiographical Storytelling

We train and support Biographers to facilitate the storytelling process as a way to celebrate, honour and affirm the unique lives of people in our communities.

For Organisations, autobiographical storytelling activities can create a real sense of community, with clients feeling more appreciated, and staff able to develop greater insight into their lives.

The biography is a record of the client’s life, told in their own words, and facilitated by the Biographer. It’s true value is in establishing a safe zone for personal reflection for clients.

For the client, it can be a fun and productive activity that assists them to reflect on their life journey. It enables them to record memories, important events, personal values and reflections and perhaps even heal past hurts.

Ideally, the biography process should be more than simply recording the facts & figures of a life, along a timeline. Hopefully, it’s a reflective personal journey that will produce a permanent legacy to leave for their family and friends, and can encourage participants to have meaningful conversations about life and captures the essence of the person they have become and what matters most to them.

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