Community Talks Without Using the ‘F’ Word

For Funeral Directors & Celebrants, the challenge of promoting your services can be a little difficult, in that your services aren’t generally required until there is a person with a life limiting illness or a death in a family.

So unless you are already known to the family, or you receive referrals, it can be quite difficult to promote your services in a competitive marketplace.

Our answer to this conundrum is to promote your services without using the ‘Funeral’ word…which, as you know, can be an obstacle to presenting community talks.

Your Life Talks initiative is to raise community awareness of the importance of having meaningful conversations within families to recognize our loved ones’ intrinsic need to remember and celebrate their life and achievements, and share their plans for their future.

These conversations are meaningful for people, their families and for generations to come.

Raise Your Business’s Profile

You can initiate a ‘direct marketing program’, by using our Conversation Starter Cards & Journals to venture into your targeted markets to promote your services.

It is an easy process to facilitate your own talks/presentations, where you can interactively engage with your attendees using our Conversation Starter Card questions, to kick-start discussions with your audiences. We can show your staff how best to achieve the best outcomes.

At the end of each event you will have the chance to distribute your firm’s marketing information and brochures, plus on-sell or simply give-away, your own branded sets of Conversation Starter Cards & Booklets.

It’s a Win-Win

The talks are a perfect fit for Funeral Directors & Celebrants, who experience first-hand the importance of people talking about their life stories and end of life wishes. It is easy to present an engaging & interactive talk using the Conversation Starter Cards & Booklets, & combining it with information about yourself & your business.

We supply a Guide for Facilitators and a Powerpoint presentation, & any other support you may need.

People looking for the services of a Funeral Director & Celebrant tend to choose professionals they have grown to trust through naturally evolving relationships. By being involved in your local community, your staff can build relationships that will grow for years to come.

Giving these talks is a win-win for both the Community Groups and your business.

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