Taking Charge Of Your Personal Brand

The legal industry is changing, and in a competitive market law firms are striving to market themselves using both online and offline channels. This requires them to remain open to creative solutions, and be willing to create and adopt effective and cost efficient marketing plans.
It is important to create a diverse network of both professional & personal relationships, and while this may be achieved via online and social media marketing, developing personal relationships has been proven to be the most effective solution.
Retirees and those nearing retirement are an obvious source of business for estate and family law firms, and one of the best ways to win new clients in this demographic is by stepping up personal involvement in their communities.
Whereas traditional marketing campaigns can be very costly, community involvement only requires time. And by volunteering your time, you can make meaningful connections with seniors in your local community, who may one day become your business clients.

Raise Your Community Profile

You can initiate a ‘direct marketing program’, by using your law firm’s custom branded Conversation Starter Cards & Booklets to venture into your targeted markets to promote your services.

It is an easy process to facilitate your own presentations, where you can interactively engage with your attendees using our Conversation Starter Card questions, to kick-start discussions with your audiences. We can show your staff how best to achieve the best outcomes.

At the end of each event you will have the chance to distribute your firm’s marketing and information brochures, plus on-sell or simply give-away, your own custom branded version of our two sets of Conversation Starter Cards & Booklets.

The Marketing


The marketing take-away is that the Cards & Booklets will most likely find their way onto the coffee tables of the purchasers, as a ‘curiosity’ conversation starter in their own right, when their family & friends drop by for a visit.

They become a very cost effective, long-term marketing tool for your firm, raising your profile in a very competitive market place. And as part of our custom branding option, we can create a card for you to promote the aspects of your services that you wish to highlight.

People looking for the services of an estate or family law firm tend to choose professionals they have grown to trust though naturally evolving relationships. By being involved in your local community, your staff can build relationships that will grow for years to come.

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