Sharing your life story encourages families to have conversations about life and what matters most.

The power of telling your own story cannot be overestimated.

A great story resonates with us emotionally and can be treasured by the family as a keepsake, for years to come.
There are the important events that shape our lives – childhood, first job, meeting a partner, having children and travel.

The influences along the way that add to the texture and colour of who we are, and what we value. Our early adult life and the adventures and anecdotes along the way & the successes and disappointments in life…are all there to be shared.

Psychology Today – Sherry Hamby Ph.D. – “I have been surprised at the power of emotional, autobiographical storytelling”.

4 Benefits to Sharing Your Story

  • Finding your voice
  • Realising that sharing your story can help others
  • Re-affirming your values
  • Finding peace; finding hope

“Emotional, autobiographical storytelling means writing about events and people that have mattered to you in your own life – not just describing the facts of your life”.

Talking about your life’s journey and recalling your fondest memories and life experiences can be lots of fun, and it’s too important to be left undone on the ‘To Do List’.

Please watch this story of volunteers assisting people to tell their life story.

ABC 7.30 Helping People Tell Their Life Story