Your Life Story Cards & Downloadable Booklet


50 ‘Your Life Story’ Conversation Starter cards and free downloadable companion booklet, ‘My Life Journal’, to record your conversations. AU$29.95 (including GST) Free shipping within Australia

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Create a treasured keepsake by sharing your life’s journey with your loved ones.

  • Childhood memories – Describe the neighbourhood you grew up in.
    What are the most important lessons you have learnt from your parents?
  • Influential people/events
  • Life’s milestones…first job, first love, career choices, family etc. -What influenced your choice of career?
    Tell me about your first boyfriend / girlfriend.
  • Successes & disappointments – Thinking of all your accomplishments, of which are you most proud?
    Have there been any personal or external events that changed your life’s direction?
  • Adventures & Anecdotes – Where have you travelled and what are your favourite destinations?
    What is something very few people know about you?

We all have a story to tell..why not share yours with our 50 ‘Your Life Story’ Conversation Starter cards.

When you purchase the English Conversation Starter Cards online, you will be sent an email with a link to download your free companion booklet to record your answers and create a treasured family keepsake. Or alternatively, you can select the ‘Downloads’ TAB at the top of this page, click on your purchased product, select a language and then enter the PROMOCODE provided on the Instruction Card in your card deck.

You will have the options of either printing the booklet or using the online version to record answers.

Additionally, you may wish to make an audio or video recording of your conversations. Choose whatever method best suits your family situation, and that feels the most comfortable for everyone.



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