Everything in our life, from the everyday to the extraordinary, is a story waiting to be told…So what are the benefits of life storytelling?

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Click here to read the Monash University’s study on the health benefits of listening to elder’s stories.

How to ‘Kick-Start’ the Conversation

Finding a way to start talking with your loved one is usually the most challenging part. Sometimes, using a visual prompt such as a photo album, souvenir or memento, can be a great way to start the conversation flowing naturally.

You can start by saying –

  • “I’d like to write about your life experiences. Will you help me?”.
  • “I was just thinking about what happened when my friend’s grandfather died, and it made me realise I want to make a record of your life story”.
  • “There’s no record of your childhood and early years, and I’d like to talk about them with you.”

To assist families with sharing the details and stories about their loved one’s life, we have created our 50 Conversation Starter cards – called ‘Your Life Story’. They are fun & easy to use, & come with a companion booklet ‘My Life Jounal’ to record answers. Just pick a card and ask the question. They are currently available in multiple languages including English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Polish and Spanish.

Why Record These Talks?

Every one of us has a story to tell and deep down most of us want to know that we, in some way, made a difference in this world. Sharing our life journey can help reacquaint us with our loved ones and help us get to know them in new and different ways.

When you purchase the ‘Your Life Story’ Conversation Starter cards, you will be provided with a PROMOCODE which allows you to download for free the companion booklet ‘My Life Journal’. You will have the options of either printing the booklet or using the online version to record answers.

You can create a treasured family keepsake by recording the answers to the questions in the booklet, which can be passed down to generations to come as a ‘Celebration of a Life’.

Additionally, you may wish to make an audio or video recording of your conversations. Choose whatever method best suits your family situation, and that feels the most comfortable for everyone.

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