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Why have these talks?

We talk about most things. We share the big wins and the small disappointments. But there’s probably one ‘chat’ you haven’t had, and the reason may be because it’s difficult to initiate. Right now might be the best time to have ‘the conversation’ about how you want to live out the final stages of your life, including how you’d like to be remembered. It can make the difference of a lifetime – bringing your entire family closer together.

At various stages of adulthood, we will all have to plan ahead. It may be you are planning for the later stages of your life, or because of major life style changes such as starting a family or travelling overseas for an extended period of time.

A major accident or illness can change the course of your life in unplanned ways. Should you become mentally or physically incapacitated, you will have assisted both yourself and your family in making important decisions about your accommodation and health care, if you have previously discussed and recorded your wishes about such matters.

It is also important to document and make known that you have made a Will, various Powers of Attorney (eg Financial, Medical, Guardianship etc), Estate Plan, Health Directive/Advance Care Plan, Insurance Policy, Superannuation, Pre-paid Funeral Arrangements etc. Sitting down with your loved ones to talk about your end of life wishes can be a rich and satisfying experience for all involved.

It can also bring ‘peace of mind’ knowing that your family has tackled having, what for many can be a ‘difficult conversation’, surrounding one’s end of life wishes.

How to ‘Kick-Start’ the Conversation

Finding a way to start talking with a loved one is usually the most challenging part. Sometimes, using a visual prompt such as a photo album, souvenir or memento, can be a great way to start the conversation flowing naturally.

You can start by saying –

  • “For peace of mind for both of us, we need to talk about your end of life wishes”.
  • “You’re in good health right now, however, I want both of us to be prepared for the future”.
  • “Would you like some help with putting your affairs in order”?

To assist families with initiating a discussion about the possible decisions to be made in the later stages of life, we have created our 50 Conversation Starter cards – called ‘Your Life Wishes’.  They are easy to use, & come with a companion booklet ‘Memo of Wishes’ to record answers. They are currently available in English, Vietnamese & Polish. We recommend simply using the cards in the same order as they present themselves when taken out of the box, to cover the many life situations that may arise.

These talks can be directly between you and your loved one, or you could include other family or friends. Your conversations can take place at any time during life’s journey – not just at the end of life stages.

Why Record These Talks?

Life’s a gamble – nothing can be guaranteed. Every one of us has to face the inevitability of death – but even before this, the circumstances surrounding your lifestyle may be severely impacted by an unplanned major accident or debilitating illness.

Unlike ‘Your Life Story’ conversations, discussions regarding ‘Your Life Wishes’ are more practical in nature, dealing with such concerns as seniors’ accommodation choices, health and medical care issues, financial concerns, guardianship of any dependents, estate planning, choosing an ‘Executor’, deciding on beneficiaries, documenting a Will, making preferred funeral arrangements in advance, deciding on a burial or cremation, eulogy or no eulogy, wake or no wake, memorialization etc.

Bringing such issues out into the open by having meaningful discussions with your loved ones is half the battle – having everything recorded and accurately documented so that it can be easily found and actioned when needed, is the other.

By having and documenting the ‘Your Life Wishes’ talks, you can make the difference of a lifetime. If life changing circumstances arise, you will have lessened the burden on your family when it comes to making difficult decisions regarding your wishes.

When you purchase the ‘Your Life Wishes’ Conversation Starter cards, you will be provided with a PROMOCODE which allows you to download for free the companion booklet ‘Memo of Wishes’. You will have the options of either printing the booklet or using the online version to record answers.

Additionally, you may wish to make an audio or video recording of your conversations. Choose whatever method best suits your family situation, and that feels the most comfortable for everyone.

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