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‘Your Life Story’

Conversation Cards & Journals

Available in multiple languages

Your Life Wishes cards

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‘Your Life Wishes’

Conversation Cards & Journals

Available in multiple languages

Why have these life talks?

We talk about the weather, our weekend, sports and our holidays with ease….so why is it so difficult to talk about our life’s journey and our end of life wishes?

It is natural for us to want to downplay our importance, and avoid burdening those closest to us with our wishes.

However, initiating conversations to recognize our loved ones’ intrinsic need to remember and celebrate their life and achievements, and share their plans for their future, is the key to understanding why these conversations are extremely important.

What most people need is a reason or a little bit of encouragement to kick-start these conversations.

An easy way to kick-start these conversations

Finding a way to start these discussions with someone special is usually the most challenging part. However, you will find that once the conversation starts, it will quickly progress to a natural flow.

To help families break the ice, we have created two sets of 50 Conversation Starter cards called ‘Your Life Story’ and ‘Your Life Wishes’.

Talking about your life’s journey and recalling your fondest memories and life experiences can be lots of fun, and the importance of having a conversation with your family about your end of life wishes will give peace of mind to all concerned.

Our Clients Success Stories

I found it a great tool to be able to start that conversation without being too confronting. They were a great introduction to getting more information that I didn’t know about her.

Lisa – Brisbane QLD

Great idea. I bought both card decks as a gift for my Aunt & Uncle, as they’d mentioned wanting to “get something down in writing for the family”. The questions started conversations about what they’d like for their final years.

Guy – Sale VIC

“In my work/practice, I have found the concepts and questions on the cards helpful for people who are feeling challenged and overwhelmed when asked about their future medical decisions and values. These cards have helped those patients think about Future Planning and End-Of-Life issues with a more holistic and reflective approach.”

Taasha – Melbourne, Australia.

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