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There’s been increased activity in raising awareness within the seniors’ demographic, of the need to carefully research the retirement & aged care marketplace before engaging with providers. They may be researching on behalf of their elderly parents, or planning for their own entry into this market.

This is largely due to the current media focus on Safety & Quality Standards for all aged care, home care & respite care providers.

Additionally, this demographic is now being faced with exploring their own end-of-life preferences, and having those sometimes difficult conversations about how and what events they should plan for as they age.

With this increased focus on all things ‘Ageing’ we’ve agreed to allow our Conversation Starter Cards & Questionnaires to be ‘customized’ so that they better promote your organisation’s values, products & services, by featuring your logo, name & company colours.

An Innovative Approach can assist with the need for kick-starting these meaningful conversations with ‘self-branded’ customized versions of both of our Your Life Story and Your Life Wishes Conversation Starter Cards & Questionnaires.

This provides an opportunity not just for the Aged Care sector, but also for auxiliary services such as:

  • Wills & Estate Lawyers
  • Financial Advisors & Planners
  • Funeral Directors & Celebrants
  • Aged Care Providers
  • Medical & Health Clinics

The Marketing Take-Away

These businesses are also taking a keen interest in how they can improve their products & service for our seniors, including our aging baby boomers.

We believe there is a innovative opportunity for businesses such as yours to venture into Retirement Villages, Age Care Facilities, Seniors Clubs, Community & Health Centres etc in your local area, and arrange to facilitate interactive talks/presentations. The marketing benefit for your business is in using your own ‘self branded’ version of our Conversation Starter Cards & Questionnaires.

There are community groups such as Probus, Mens Sheds, Lions & Rotary Clubs & carer support groups for Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Cancer etc, who are always looking for new speakers/facilitators at their monthly meetings. At the end of each talk, you will be able to distribute your business’s marketing materials and on-sell your ‘self-branded’ version of our Conversation Starter Cards, as well as discuss your firm’s services with the individual attendees.

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